What is the Purpose of Having an Intervention?

Are you or a loved one caught in the grips of addiction? When someone is addicted they may be very resistant to accepting help or treatment for their addiction. Telltale signs of someone with a substance abuse problem are strained relationships, loss of jobs, isolation, changes in personality and financial trouble. If you have noticed any of these signs and suspect that your loved one is struggling with addiction then you should call a professional right away. Setting up an intervention to convince them to accept help and come clean about their drug or alcohol use may save your loved one’s life. Most addicts and alcoholics will be scared to admit that there is a problem or that they have been abusing a substance because the drug or drink is the only thing at the time that makes them feel okay or keeps them from withdrawals. An intervention should not be an attack but instead must come across in a helpful and caring way so that the person is more likely to accept your help. Through a position of love and understanding a person is most likely to admit that they have a problem and allow you to help them get to a better place.

Get Professional Help to Ensure the Intervention Goes Smoothly

When someone has been using and abusing drugs and alcohol for a while they tend to do things that are out of character for them. Often they go to great lengths to protect their habit. Manipulation, stealing money and hurtful comments are common and can cause family and friends to grow resentments towards the addict. It is important to realize that these things are a result of drug addiction and the person that you know and love is still in there. Intervention must come from a position of love and care. If the addict feels attacked they are very unlikely to accept help for their addiction or even admit they need help. A professional interventionist is the best way to ensure that your intervention goes over as well as possible. They can coach you through the process and de-escalate the situation if hurt feelings and frustration come up and cause the confrontation to go wrong. If your loved one needs help for their addiction problem and you decide to host an intervention for them it is highly suggested to hire a professional and experience interventionist to guide you through this difficult time. We are here 24/7 to speak to you about the best way to go about this. Don’t wait until it’s too late. If you are in the Virginia area, call us now at (804) 336-3087.

Getting Help Doesn’t End with Intervention

Intervention is a great way to get through to a loved one about their addiction. However it is only the start of the road to recovery. If the intervention is successful then you need to immediately get your loved one into treatment. They need a place where they can be safe from outside influences and around like minded people trying to rid themselves of addiction while receiving the medical help and therapy that they need to push past co-occurring disorders. It is also important that an aftercare plan for when they have completed a treatment program be put in place. Inpatient treatment is the safe playground where addicts can learn to overcome obstacles but those obstacles don’t actually come into play until they reenter the real world. It is recommended that an addict go into sober living or transitional housing so that they can practice their new lifestyle with a safe environment to come back to each night. If you need help planning for your loved ones recovery then call us to talk to a recovery professional at (804) 336-3087.